Saturday, September 3, 2016

Breathe and say: THANK YOU

(I write this out of my own passion for positive change.)

Contributing to the appearance of entitlement is the disregard by many people today for common manners as evidenced by this observation:

There is a lack of acknowledgement of gifts received including thank you notes.  Short of a thank you note a time consuming 2 minute phone call to thank someone might be better than silence.  Does the giver have expectations?  Yes and I see nothing wrong with the giver having at the very least an expectation of hearing that the taker received the gift.  When a giver thinks of the taker is it so much for the taker to then think briefly of the gifter?  This is not about giving anonymously.  This is about gifts for holidays, weddings, birthdays etc.

We wonder why people are perceiving others as somehow 'acting entitled' and in my humble opinion a major factor is the lack of basic manners in a day and age when mobile humans are not always living next door to one another so can not physically give of a gift and take as the receiver when a smile and a verbal thank you could be exchanged.

People are only busy with busyness when it suits them as an excuse for their behavior.   I do not know any human who is so dayumed busy that they can not take 2 brief seconds to say thank you.   Thank you is a kindness that costs you darned near nothing than a breath.
Other people will use the dismissive excuse:  "Well what do you expect when they are raised like that!?"   I say bullshiot!  Many people were NOT raised to take advantage of others or ignore others. Many people were taught about "thank yous" but have since let it all slide away due to lazy unwillingness to maintain connections even when they are personally benefiting.  They have chosen to act like that and for many reasons that are beyond how they were raised.

A 'Thank You' brings in an attitude of gratitude which then allows love to shine.  The giver already has shone with love and the taker now has an opportunity to do the same at no cost other than that breath before the words and the exhale after the words.

In the classroom I do not miss the opportunity to remind about thanking others with a smile.  What I observe is that in those classrooms where we do that, there is an overall difference in the atmosphere.

 I love all the young people I work with and their openness to change.   I believe in their hearts!

"A THANK YOU never killed anyone.  A Genuine THANK YOU benefits everyone!"  ~KateyB

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