Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hug the past or create the new

Do you want to 
hug the past
as it crumbles
into old used

Or will you look for solutions
that create new directions?

I choose looking for solutions with 
an attitude of LOVE
(the perception seen through love)
so that new directions
might continue to be created
to unfold.

It is a choice about my life!
(Regardless of my past.)
Couching it through the
eyes of love
ensures the creation
of more love
regardless of the
new directions.

Life is the adventure of
rediscovering LOVE.


  1. Great work! This could also be taken as a bit of a political statement given that a lot of people in this country will not let go of the past.

    1. (((BB)))

      I avoid politics when writing on my blogs. Heck I avoid politics everywhere this year!