Friday, August 5, 2016

Character and Integrity ~ over seen by LOVE

"Character before integrity yet both go hand in hand.
Develop your character and understand it then apply integrity to live."

Someone I love is in the grips of several narcissists/sociopaths (persons).  It hurts to watch from the outside knowing full well there is nothing I can do to break those sick bonds and 'save' the person.

I have been in that situation and I know NOW that it takes the strength from down deep inside, where forever the soul and heart are one, to escape and then not succumb again to another narcissist or the same ones over and over again.

Sadly now when the person I love tries to unknowingly draw me into the drama of those narcissists I have to lay down extremely strong boundaries that then I am accused of not loving the person.  That could not be further from the truth ~ MY TRUTH!

I will lift them all up from a distance ~ I will be vigilant to not allow myself to be drawn back down into that huge black hole to lose my self ~ my character and integrity ~ again.  It certainly would be counter productive and render me unable to be a good friend to others!

"In the morning, as dawn spread up through the curled edges of the earth, I found myself fully awake again connected to my heart and soul, aware that my core was intact,  that in this day I could do what I say and say what I do and keep the two aligned from the source of LOVE inside that flows from every corner of the universe.  I go to my heart where LOVE always resides and I listen so very carefully, for Love truly is my guide be it tough or gentle its qualities have certainly been tensiled by fire to survive ~ it always will, for you see ~ LOVE always wins!"   ~KateyB

Have a great day on purpose.  Pass smiles for miles.

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