Thursday, August 4, 2016

12 days later....20 days left

I have definitively lost my patience for alcoholics, narcissists and politicians.  None of those entities seem to understand moderation let alone consideration and kindness for others or even a general respect for the health, safety and welfare of self and all others.

Summers are supposed to be for fun, beaching, vacaying, leisurely coffees that last til noon and evening wines that include thoughtful conversations that have some depth and breadth.  I may have missed summer.  If I was willing to totally blame myself I would first decry introversion has overcome me again, but that is not all true.

I am working very hard to maintain an underlying gold thread of joy that is not dependent on surrounding circumstances.  The buoys of hope thrown out to me keep floating too far ahead for me to grab but I remind myself that an attitude of gratitude keeps me minimally tolerant and treading above some sort of whiner status.  After all, I do have food, clothing and a roof over my head as well as some very kind, loyal and caring friends.  Indeed I am blessed.

School starts in 20 days.  I miss the kids and their great ideas and lively energies.  Infectious they are and I can use that infection.

I have not accomplished all I had wanted this summer due to a few set backs.  What gets done gets done.  As for the stack of books and the journals ~ I have whittled those down a little bit.

Writing has also taken a back seat as I hosted visitors and held some hands of grief.  I think human connections are important as long as they are not harmful to all involved.

I will become a little more regular on my blog posts when back into the schedule of school and the early morning solitude with coffee and meditations.

How has your summer been?  Gardens grown?  Friends met and enjoyed?  Travels?  Share.

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