Saturday, July 23, 2016

finding the first moment

once blissfully unaware

winding up that down staircase
which step was first 
which step shall be the last
if this moment comes from
that moment before
where did all the moments go
if here in this moment
it came from a moment before
then stuck on a circular stair
going nowhere
perhaps that first moment
is simply the elusive thought
called hope
what if there is no first moment
can that be like no first energy
ever present
then the not so physical
is always there here
ah yes everywhere

well now
the magnanimous swirl
that is without time space
leaves aliens with no brains
simply minds of mindless moments
where compassion exists as if it were
the edges of the great love 
just waiting to be taken up by mere
thoughts blended in moments
with really no beginnings
no endings
it renders all aliens
desperate to conquer
what is not conquerable
when but a small piece
of the all

oh tsk tsk
might as well try to accentuate
the good qualities
try leaving behind the sufferings
arrive at those perfections
beyond the earth castles
beyond the moon reflections 
out into the grand 
ever beingness 
incomprehensible by closed minds

to the stars with your light
from whence you came light years ago
I think we shall never find that first moment
but certainly the expansion of light
was worth it.