Thursday, July 14, 2016

Passing Through

Nothing lasts 
Not time 
Not possessions
Not living creatures
Nor plants

But that is nothing to be sad about
or even to recoil from;
rather there are attitudes and things
that can be done.

The American Farmer turned poet 
wrote of the oppressor cuffing the oppressed
with words that left no room to think for one's self
simply a giving up or giving in
as was said the gist
the only way out is through.

There are many ways out of the currency of now
in the circumstances pressing 
and not one of the ways out
make a person chosen a path
to be wrong but rather
trading some circumstances 
for another set of circumstances.
What is non negotiable is 
passing through life
from birth to death
on this blue-green ball, earth.
Born to die some have said.
I can take that from the gloomy perspective
or feast upon the in between learning an appreciation
for EVERYTHING, yes everything!

Time is negotiable 
forced or allowed.
Possessions are given,
taken and forgotten.
Even living creatures are forgotten
or changed after death so not even
known as they were.  Living creatures
rarely are even known full on in life.
Plants examples of cooperation with the nature
of a larger universe of which they do understand
their part of the whole.

Only the human species thinks they can blame others
and circumstances for their life then refuse to
make the effort toward attitudinal changes and
actions that give living life the meaning that any process
gives to any ever-changing energy.   Given the most powerful
minds, of which humans do have, too often they do not use them.
Indeed every human lies from time to tie to avoid what could be
embraced then dealt with grace.

Animals understand that death is imminent so they grow up quickly
yet survive in any circumstances no human wills for themselves.  Yes puny
humans you think you are so far above yet there are lessons to be learned
so observe.

The moaning that comes from not getting what another has/had is being compared to
is wasted energy that if directed toward the best for self and the best for all others
would bring about a process that is certainly fulfilling ~ certainly allows for a flowing river
rather than an impeded rock that is chipped away by elements; water drips and water rushes
past, winds blow with rugged harshness or gentle breezes steadily wear, the aire carries bits
and pieces of materials that bombard or subtly land and the rock doing nothing
 but sitting still becomes something else perhaps against its will, who knows but the rock.
 Yet that very rock had a life span as well.

No one owes anyone else anything other than gratitude for lessons learned
when exposed.   The attitude of gratitude coupled with compassion unlocks the heart
where LOVE has always been and will even be when we are dead from human flesh.
For those who get that, and they are few but growing, they have discovered that the attitude
of gratitude is helpful in their passing through regardless of circumstances faced
at any given time, time the factor that is shorter than too many realize.

I am passing through and my spirit wants to learn from everything and everyone
it is exposed to and my responsibility is to do the best I can at any given times
while continuing to be focused on the energy of LOVE.  I do that best when I stay
in the attitude of gratitude.   It is gratefulness that I choose and then the process
of passing through at the least makes more sense as greater LOVE is shown from unlocked

by KateyB

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