Friday, July 22, 2016


(photo by KLB)

"We all, afterall, die alone.  No one dies with you at that last breath taken and the passing away from the flesh; we are alone until we emerge mixed in the universal love soup."    ~KateyB

There is a Buddhist saying: " Should a seeker not find a companion who is better or equal, let them resolutely pursue a solitary course."

I have found myself solitary more often than not in my life.  There were a very few times that scared me to be solitary.  Those were lessons to be learned now long gone certainly applied.  

I think of three separate times that my solitariness was imposed by other/s and in fact used to oppress and isolate me.  The length of each period is not what mattered but rather how I used the time to go within and do what needed to be done to rise out of and above such.  I have felt a certain pressing, even greater than at other times, recently, to write out those periods of forced solitude not so much to moan or export feelings but rather to leave a trail that just maybe might help a few who are having to experience similar trials.  Still I am not quite ready but when the ripeness is there I will follow through.  For now I shall realize how far I have come in my attitude of gratitude for having been in those spots and learned.

The embrace of being solitary has given me a bounty of individual time to examine more fully and contemplate what the human mind misses without the connection to the heart and then how wide open the universe becomes in my mere sight as the mind is connected to the heart.

One can talk about being alone as opposed to loneliness in conjunction with solitary existence in living on this journey of life but that does not even come close to an intimacy that the solitary course allows with the universe, we are all bits and pieces of such as we are called stardust.   

I admit more readily to being a poet rather than the painter I remain so private in doing.  Yet even admitting the poet role I blush with embarrassment at such a lofty title for such meager offerings I have thrown down.  My poetry at the least is the expression that comes from a heart that is less connected to flesh and more acknowledged as pieces of such a magnificent whole.  

solitary in solitude

Wrapped in the comfort of a cloudy day,
after the ferocious storm that lashed the earth pre dawn,
the old lady smiled gently at the thoughts of what lie beyond ~
the ever blue skies and then further out an illuminated face of a moon
followed by years and years of stars that resembled so many souls to yawn.
Solitary only in the limiting mind of the human being without the heart tethering
yet in solitary can the connections to everything be found that universal love surrounds.

There is such a beauty in the moments that might be neglected if tied to too many humans.
Rather count the precious souls that like stars are uncountable by human half-used minds
squandered by too much business forgetting to gratitude that unlocks
 the heart then connecting to the mind just briefly in forever time
that the soul might learn more from such a human experience;
this is the Way whichever roads chosen for the mountain top
that is the greatest peak of all some call
Universal Love.

by KateyB


  1. One is a painter if one paints. One is a singer if one sings. One is a poet if one writes poetry. Those are facts.
    One may be a gifted artist, or singer, or writer, but that is mere opinion.
    And yes indeed. We all walk down that final corridor alone, leaving everyone else in the room to their own fates.
    A nice peaceful exposition, Mz Katy ...

    1. Always appreciate your stopping in to read and leaving a few words. Thank you.