Monday, August 8, 2016

perceptions are made of what?

Perceptions are built out of experiences.  It is why the older we get the more complex, vivid and too often hardened perceptions can get.  Then throw in that we humans (yes indeedy me included) are biased when told a story from one perspective after the fact, for that does indeed affect how we relate to others.

No two people have the exact same experiences even if they have been together in a particular experience.  The cliche, there are 3 sides at the least to any given event ~ his side and the other side and then the middle, unbiased side comes out of a basic understanding that perceptions and perspectives are naturally tainted by the teller's experiences all inclusive ouver his/her life span
It would seem on the surface that perceptions are what taint the world viewed by more than one making it difficult to get to 'the bottom' of anything.

If perceptions are different for every single human according to their own 'lenses of experiences' then it would surely seem that repeating stories told by one or the other to a third person is not the truth in full.  It is good info to know that we might apply such to take more time to fully understand the person that 'we are talking about' or 'who we are talking to or with'. ( I am reminded about my lessons on gossip and refraining from such.)  The source of so much miscommunication and disconnection that is the human suffering within a human life.

I find a take away, after much meditation, that my perceptions can become easily distorted if I do not keep in mind what goes into making perceptions.  I am reminded that if I struggle with my own perceptions then causing me misfired communications that has to be the case also for others.  Armed with that I am able to increase empathy and compassion some more and that for me is more personal growth which in turn I hope to use to build better relationships.  It also allows me to forgive myself and try harder to assess my perceptions as they mix into the NOW/the current unfolding.

I am trying to do better than 'yesterday' by applying lessons learned.  That is the best I can do with what I have NOW.

Have a great day on purpose.  Pass smiles for miles.

(see poem here: 'my eyes only'   )

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